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Camel Trek: 
You can enjoy camel trekking for either 1 day or more. You camel trek the desert with the Bedouins passing through the stunning, beautiful desert areas, golden cliffs, colored canyons with layers of pink, red or green. And passing by scattered Bedouin tribes, women, men grazing their sheep or goats, in vivid green oases.
During the camel trek, you'll have your own camel with a comfortable saddle, you can also, have a walk beside your camel if you wish for a change on the way.
There are short breaks and frequent stops for tea, snacks or stretching during the trek. Camel trek can be conducted at; St.Katherine, Sharm El-sheikh, Dahab, deserts all over Egypt & Cairo. Camel Trek prices is about 3o Euro per person/ per day.
Horseback riding:
Desert or oases safari on the back of purebred Arabian horses. A recommended horseback riding safari trip is to be taken from the pyramids plateau at Gizah, riding into the desert, passing by superb desert formations, vivid green oases, lakes, and other significant sightseeing areas.
Your trip will include breakfast, lunch or dinner breaks. You'll also, be passing by local tribes from Bedouins, or fellaheen.
Horseback riding is found in Cairo , Gizah, Sharm El-sheikh, Hurghada, El-Gouna Aswan, Luxor , the oases and the local Egyptian deserts.
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