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Cairo - general info
The great Capital of Egypt. Considered to be one of the largest cities in both the Middle East & Africa.
Cairo or Al-Qahera was finally named and founded in AD 969.
Before it's settled on Cairo, to be the capital of Egypt, the Capital used to change along the history, it's once Memphis, Heliopolis, Babylon-in-Egypt, Al-Fustat, Al-Qataei, Al-Askar, till it reaches its current name nowadays; Cairo or Al-Qahera which means the Triumphant City..

Weather in Cairo is fine all over the year. It's mild cold in Winter, sunny, hot in Summer but with nice breeze, during Spring and Autumn weather is great and perfect for outside activities and traveling within the country. Cairo is a large city, bearing about 16 million inhabitant, so considered to be the largest city in Africa. Cairo is a complex blend of different civilizations and therefore is unique to live in.
Greater Cairo extends on the banks of the River Nile to the south of the delta.
Cairo bares a significant, flourishing historical background that starts from the Pharoanic period passing through the Greco-Roman, Jewish, and Coptic, till the Islamic period.
It was here that the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus rested after their long journey from Palestine, and that the first Islamic mosque in Africa was built by Amr Ibn Al-3as. Cairo is at least twice as old as Paris, 7 times as old as Berlin, and 15 times as old as New York City.
Egypt has many spectacular historical sites that make touring in Cairo or Egypt in general like taking a virtual time journey through history.
Tourist Info
Cairo - tours info
Amongst the greatest sites in Cairo are the Pyramids, with the famous pyramid of Cheops which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Sphinx, Saqqara, old Cairo, the Citadel, Khan El-Kahlili, many old historical mosques.
All these tourist attractions destinations and much more are all found in that great city of Cairo .
 When visiting Cairo you can enjoy various daily trips either to the Pyramids , which is located at the Giza plateau having the 3 pyramids and the Sphinx .
Nearby you can pay a visit to the pyramids of Saqqara and Dahshour , which worth a visit.
After that you can head to the Egyptian museum which houses more than 120,000 objects and masterpieces dating back to several dynastic periods. Never miss visiting the second floor which bares the golden objects & sarcophagi for King Tutankhamen, don't forget visiting the mummy's room and hear how these great kings lead their life and how they died.
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