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  sharm el sheikh

General Info
sharm el sheikh - general info

Weather is nice at Sharm during Winter time, sunny in Summer time. Sun, sea and sand are the elements that describe the beautiful, exquisite atmosphere of Sharm El-sheikh. Starting form its luxurious five-star hotels to the 3 stars hotels and resorts with their distinguished designs, water sports, shopping and entertainment all favorite destinations for worldwide tourists. You will enjoy a unique experience around the cozy Bedouin lifestyle, colorful tents, mountains and sea.

The destination is the right place for fun and wild life with all what it includes from casinos, discos and nightclubs, golf courses and health facilities. In fact, with diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and other water sports, horses and camel riding, desert safaris, and great nearby antiquities attractions, it is almost impossible for a visitor to ever suffer from boredom.

For those who live to shop, the Sharm El-Sheikh mall provides shops with both foreign and local products, including jewelry, leather goods, clothing, pottery and books. 

Located to the north of Sharm, Na'ama Beach is one of the main attractions in the area. Most of the hotels at Na'ama Bay have their own, private beaches with comfortable amenities such as chairs, shades and even bars. Shark's Bay is also nearby, and again is a growing resort community with more and more to offer, along with several diving centers. Sharm el-Moiya is a small harbor, located next to the civil harbor, has accommodations for boats, and includes a Yacht Club with rooms. 

Considered to be one of the greatest diving destinations in the world, therefore, Diving at Sharm el-sheikh is famous for all diving enthusiasts, as it bears many spectacular, breathtaking diving & snorkeling areas with all natural coral reefs, lagoons and colored fish. Lots of professional diving centers are available with professional instructor team. You can also experience, daily, night, or wreck dives. Available special service for disabled people. 

Tourist Info
sharm el sheikh - tours info

Sinai is historically the Bedouin's home. You can enjoy fantastic desert trips to sample some of their traditional lifestyle. Choose from a one-day desert safari or a longer trip.
Though diving is still one of the main attractions in Sharm el Sheikh, a lot of other water sports, excursions and activities are available. A camel ride at sunset in the desert, visits to Mount Moses and the St. Katherine Monastery, excursions to the ancient City of Petra in neighboring Jordan or desert safaris with cross-country vehicles.
Quad runners : are 4 wheel motorcycles ideally suited to the desert terrain and can seat one or two people. No license or qualifications are necessary. Experienced guides lead all quad runner trips arranged through our recreations department .
Snorkeling Excursion by Boat: under the sunshine, enjoying the sea breeze spend a day on board of a boat, whether you want to snorkel and explore magical reefs, or just have a relaxing vacation. Try the daily excursions for a perfect way to relax and get away from all stress. You will be accompanied on the boat by professional dive guides.
Diving: Sharm El Sheikh attracts divers from all over the world because of its warm, crystal-clear water, magnificent corals and colored fish which inhabit its reefs. You will enjoy the exquisite atmosphere of the underwater world. Due to the easy diving facilities and perfect conditions Sharm El-sheikh is considered to be one of the perfect places to learn diving for both beginners or for professional divers. Diving will vary from:
Night Dives are particularly spectacular, as species normally hide by daytime among the Reef's and come out to hunt at night.
Daily Boat Excursions
Whether you are a novice or experienced diver you will have an opportunity to learn, improve or simply enjoy your diving in one of Sharm El-Sheikh's exquisite sites. Your family or friends might want to accompany you for some snorkeling, sunbathing or relaxation. The daily trips include visits to:
The National Park of Ras Mohamed;
The wealth of marine flora and fauna is astounding, divers are offered different attractions. The sites are Jackfish Alley, Shark's Observatory, Shark's Reef and Jolanda Reef.
Straits of Tiran ; formed from an island to the East and the Sinai mainland to the west. The reefs are named after British cartographers and are called Jackson Reef, Woodhouse Reef, Thomas Reef and Gordon Reef.
The effects of deep waters, continental plate and narrow channel combine to funnel a strong supply of nutrient rich waters to the coral reefs. This in turn creates a food chain linking the plankton, coral and marine organisms and reef fish to the Sharks, Manta and Eagle Rays that are frequently encountered here. These unique reefs, which feature steep walls, canyons and caverns, provide a wealth of outstanding colors and huge schools of fish such as Snappers, Barracudas, Bat Fish and Jacks. Currents can be dangerously strong at the extremes of the reefs and care must be taken to assess both their direction and strength to avoid danger.
The Local Sites; the stretch of coastline between Sharm El Sheikh to Ras Nasrani (opposite Gordon Reef at the mouth of the Straits of Tiran) provide a wealth of unrivalled diving adventures for beginners and experienced divers alike. The geography of this coastline restricts access to many of the sites by land and therefore diving is mainly done from daily boat excursions.
The dive sites differing features range from stunning walls and canyons to coral slopes and gardens. The main dive sites are known as Ras Nasrani, Ras Bob, White Knight, Shark's Bay, Ras Umm Sid and others.
Special Excursions @ DAHAB; situated about 90 kms. North of Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab offers divers a chance to experience a unique combination of dives in a one day overland excursion by minibus or jeep. As a town it is famous for its old Bedouin market where shopping bargains are an added attraction for non divers and families accompanying divers or snorkeler s. The town features many waterfront restaurants and bars and lies on a beautiful palm fringed beach overlooking the crystal clear waters of the bay. Dahab is mostly renowned for its spectacular snorkeling and beach diving, notably the Blue Hole & Canyon due to the unique geological formations and features of these locations, they have become legendary sites for specialty divers. They offer the possibility to combine the beauty of the colors, light penetration and marine life of the Red Sea with the thrill of simple penetration or overhead diving. 
 Wreck Excursions; the Red Sea around the Sinai peninsula has many wrecks for divers to investigate, such as the Chrisouls K., Giannis D and the Carnatic, wrecked on Sha'ab Abu Nahas in the straits of Gubal, but none are more thrilling than:
Pay a visit to that wonderful destination in Egypt, enjoy all the marvelous scenes and wild life there, you'll notice the Sharks, Barracuda, Dolphin, Groupers, Napoleon Fish, Moray Eels, Turtle, Manta and Eagle Rays are commonly seen in these warm clear waters - even the odd Whale Shark
You will also, observe the abundant species of Reef Fishes with their vivid colors living in some of the most spectacular Coral Gardens in the World.

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