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General Info

Dahab means 'gold' in Arabic. In Sinai it means golden sands, turquoise sea and off-beat cafe life. It is a focus of tourism development. Dahab is a paradise for many people, with its palm trees crystal clear water, golden sun shine, and relaxing atmosphere. The fine sand and clear water make it a wonderful snorkeling opportunity for snorklers. Dahab has excellent hotel accommodations, but also affords less expensive housing in the village, or camping. Its amazing clear blue water stretching all the way towards the Saudi Arabia mountains on the other side. When you are in Dahab, you will enjoy relaxation, indulging yourself in day time, while at night time you can join any of the bashing nearby parties where you'll have lots of fun. Dahab visitors never like to live, once you are in Dahab it is hard to live.

Tourist Info

Dahab is inhabited by local Bedouins who usually work in beach cafes, or as taxi drivers. Dahab has seen many generations all through the years; they vary between Bedouin fishermen, the hippies of the 80s, backpackers of the 90s, etc. Dahab has many visitors from all round the world like, Germany, Italy, Israel, and of course Egyptians whom are mostly from the youngsters. Dahab has a beautiful nature consisting of the massive palm trees shading the area. Also, considered a unique diving site, it has a different style.

One of the most important sites to dive at Dahab is the Blue Hole or canyon. It is best at sunrise or at full moon days, where it'll be very peaceful and encouraging for those who meditate and yogi. This full moon canyon can be followed by a Bedouin dinner, another activity to be performed is star watching. Safari maniac will also have part of the joy, as the Camel Safari is not to be missed,

The national park areas at Dahab are so nice, Gabr El-Bent & Ras Abu Galoum, both are fantastic places to dive. These extraordinary destinations got it all to make the unique spirit of Dahab; the desert, diving sites, and the Bedouin people with their unique culture.

About 5 miles from town is the famous Blue Hole, for diving. Towards the Israeli border is the Island of Coral , where the Crusaders built a fort. The remains can still be seen

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