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The Egyptian museum was established in 1900. It is by far the most valuable museum of Egyptian antiquities in the world. Located at the heart of Cairo, it is within walking distance from most of the leading hotels in the city. The museum is divided into galleries exhibiting items from various periods in more or less chronological order, moving clockwise along the ground floor. They start with the Fourth Dynasty (about 2700 B.C.), and move into the Middle State and the Modern State which includes the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties. Perhaps the most impressive sight on the ground floor is a room devoted to Akhnaton and all that was buried with him. The first floor holds the famous mummy room where the body of King Tutankhamoun can be seen. This floor also contains mummies of the following kings: Saknan Raa, (founder of the Eighteenth Dynasty), Amenhotep I, Merit Amon, Thotmos II, Thotmos the fourth, Seti I, Ramsis II, Merenbetah and Ramsis the fifth. The upper floor also contains an area where the treasures of Tutankhamoun are exhibited. All the items exhibited here came from his tomb found at the Valley of Kings at Thebes in what is now Luxor. Tutankhamoun's gold coffin is made of 450 pounds of solid gold and is considered one of the most beautiful possessions of humanity

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