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  Valley of the Queens

A short distance from the Valley of the Kings lies the Valley of the Queens. It lies at the southern end of Theban cemetery and includes a number of royal tombs belonging to the Nineteenth and Twentieth Families. The total number of these tombs is seventy, yet most of them are unimportant, void of writings or inscriptions. This valley can be reached either through Habo town or its cathedral. As far as we know, King Ramsis I of the Nineteenth Family was the first to build a tomb for his wife in the Valley of the Queens. This is tomb number 38 which belongs to Set Raa. King Ramsis II also buried his wife, the beautiful Nefetari there along with three of his daughters. It is also known that Ramsis III from the Twentieth Family buried his wife Isis, and four of his sons. As for the rest of the tombs, they perhaps hide the families of the kings who followed King Ramsis III -- yet afterwards, the valley seems to have been abandoned as a royal settlement.

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