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  Karnak Temple

The Karnak site is situated about 3.5km from the Luxor temple and is the largest of its kind in the world. The circumference of this temple measures about 4km within the Karnak site. Perhaps the largest temple within the Karnak is that of Amun, a great Pharaonic God. A processional path of ram sphinxes representing Amun leads into the temple. Between the forelegs of these rams is a small statue of Ramses II, Amun's servant. Though the temple was originally founded during the Middle Kingdom, the various dynasties that came afterwards continued to add onto it, hence the size of this massive temple. From the highest wall of the temple, we see the great frontyard which was built by Ethiopians, and the Shashank gate and hall of columns which was established by King Ramsis II. Just behind these great buildings lies the obelisk built by Queen Hatshepsut, then the granite temple and the feasts hall established by King Thotmos III. On the far horizon appears the holy lake, the remains of Osiris' tomb, the series of the southern walls, the temple of the infant god Khonso and Obet Temple.

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