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  Fort Qaytbey
Fort Qaytbey is located at the tip of the western arm of the western harbour. In 1479, Sultan Qaytbey built this fort using the remains of the legendary Pharaohs' lighthouse (one of the ancient wonders of the world). Ptolemy II built the lighthouse in 279 BC that was reported to have stood over 400 feet high, housing over 300 rooms for its engineers and operators. It was built mainly of limestone as well as marble, bronze and granite. Visitors of the lighthouse spoke of a mysterious mirror, saying that a man sitting under it could see ships at sea that were invisible to the naked eye. In the 1300s AD, an earthquake brought the lighthouse to the ground and it is on this original site that the fort of Qaytbey is built. Location: Alexandria, Eastern Harbor. About 3 km northwest of Midan Saad Zaghloul.
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