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The great Sphinx, with the body of a kneeling lion and the head of a man, was built during Cephren's time. Indeed, the Sphinx's face is thought to have been built in the image of Cephren's. Unfortunately, much of this monument has either been eroded or deliberately destroyed over the years. Facial features such as the nose and the beard are no longer intact. A number of excavations have been carried out in modern times to remove sand that had built up around the Sphinx and, for a time, kept much of it buried. During the reign of the Modern State, the Sphinx represented the God of Sun. It was worshipped, and pilgrims came to visit this holy statue. It was then called "Hour -Om-Khet", which means "Horus on the horizon". Thousands of years have passed, yet the Sphinx is still kneeling gracefully in its exact position, looking thoughtfully towards the East with a smile calm, mysterious and hopeful. The three Giza pyramids and the Sphinx are Egypt's number one tourist attraction.

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