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  Luxor Temple

In the center of Luxor, separated from the Nile by a paved way whose traces are still along the main street of the city, Luxor temple extends. It was built to be the secret settlement of the Lord of Gods - namely 'Amoun' who took the figure of 'Mein', the God of Fertility and Reproduction in Egyptian mythology. The Luxor temple was built by Amenhotep III in the 18th Dynasty who, at the time, was referred to as 'The Magnificent'. Amenhotep III spent virtually all his wealth on constructing great monuments and had an undying love for architecture. Once every year, a great feast was held to transport the statue of god Amoun from the Karnak temple through the river to visit Luxor temple, which was called 'The Southern Harem'. The temple is marked by its rear rooms with their prominent inscriptions, and the hall of columns whose crowns represent the figure of lotus flower. Afterwards, King Ramsis II added a frontyard made of the beautiful sandstone infront of the harem. He also surrounded it with a row of columns, decorated it with statues made of granite or Aswan stone, and established infront of the temple a great palace ornamented by two granite obelisks, one of which was transferred to Concord square in Paris in 1836. It is quite strange that one of the Moslem rulers called 'Ebn El Hagag' established for himself a small mosque inside the Luxor temple. One of the beautiful events tourists are keen to watch here at the Luxor temple is the celebration of the birth of 'Ebn El Hagag'.

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