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  Nobility of Thebes

The funerary shrines of the nobility of Thebes are the most amazing in all of Egypt, although most of them were stolen or spoiled by those who inhabited them. There is a great difference between the tombs of the nobility and those of royalty. Being a god himself, the Pharaoh needed to put drawings of himself (picturing his active life and earthly joys) on the walls of his tomb to ensure enjoying them in his after-life. On the other hand, the nobility were not gifted with such powers in the afterworld. Thus, the walls of their tombs pictured their normal life to be restored to the deceased through magic in the afterworld. On their walls we can see pictures of the normal life of men and women in ancient Egypt. We see the full circle of the agricultural life starting from sowing the seeds to reaping the harvest and gathering the grapes, participation in feasts, celebrations, sports, hunting, etc... The general plan in building these tombs was confined to an exterior courtyard connected through a door to a middle hall, which in turn is attached to a passage or a corridor leading to the main room of the tomb. There, statues of the deceased (the owner of the tomb) were placed in a hole in the back wall. We sometimes find a well in the yard, or inside the tomb leading to the burial room. The cemetery which contained the tombs of the nobility extends from the path leading to the Valley of the Kings in the north to Habo town in the south

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